5 Ways The Grabo Can Make Work Easier


Reducing Injuries:

Lifting on a construction site is practically unavoidable, and it’s always heavy items! Over 30% of construction workers will suffer from back pain from strenuous lifting at some point in their career, and this is one of the biggest causes of days off work for this industry. The Grabo is designed to help take the pressure off of the lower back and ease those heavy lifts up to 170kg. 


With it reducing the risk of back injuries and days off work, utilising this innovative tool will improve the efficiency in which you can work. 


When lifting heavy objects, you are sometimes faced with risking workers safety. Items need to be lifted, and unfortunately, sometimes, the right people for the job may not be available for any reason. Lifting overhead especially is putting workers safety at risk. The Grabo allows you to lift overhead with ease and stability, knowing that it can quickly be regained by giving the green button short bursts if the suction does start to go. 

Cost Cutting:

Not only is this lifting tool great for on-site efficiency and for improving safety, but it’s also cost-cutting. When ordering materials, weighty slabs, more often than not, you need to factor in the idea of some being broken. Whether this is by items cracking and breaking when they are being cut or dropped, it happens. Using the Grabo to lift heavier items reduces the risk of them breaking, meaning that you have spent less on materials. 

Professional is not just the job you do, but how you do it, and however professional you may appear to your customers, sometimes you can’t just talk the talk; you need to walk the walk. Part of being professional is knowing how to improve your work rate, which can be done with the Grabo. By using this innovative tool, you’ll prove yourself even further to your customer and become an even more trusted professional in your industry. 

The Grabo:The Grabo was created to help all construction workers and tradespeople with heavy lifting to make their workday quicker, easier and more efficient. Since launching, the Grabo has taken the construction industry by storm and is now a must-have tool on site. To find out more about the Grabo, click here, or to find your closest authorised Grabo dealer, click here.

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