NEW: Grabo High Flow

Coming Soon - The most powerful Grabo yet specifically designed for moving porous materials.

The NEW GRABO High-Flow represents cutting-edge tool innovation. Its revolutionary design incorporates a SMART CUT foam seal for highly textured and grooved surfaces and a user-friendly T-handle, making material handling significantly easier and more ergonomic. Engineered for optimal efficiency, the GRABO High-Flow excels in lifting, moving and positioning challenging and highly porous materials, such as Dry Cast Pavers and Untreated MDF, providing a secure grip for safe handling. With various suction plates, it accommodates diverse shapes and sizes, ensuring maximum versatility.

The new Grabo High flow will be available from August 2024.

New: Grabo Remote Control System

Grabo has just launched a new, innovative remote control system. The Grabo Remote Control facilitates the operation of one or more Grabo units from a safe distance at a job site, allowing for the establishment of a hands-free material lifting and handling system—ideal for the simultaneous use of multiple Grabos.

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What can you lift with a Grabo?

The Grabo boasts exceptional versatility and can lift a wide range of heavy materials and objects up to 170kg. While the following examples highlight some common applications, there are countless innovative ways to utilise a Grabo.

 What can’t you lift with a Grabo?

While Grabo excels in most things, there are a few limitations to keep in mind.

Where can I find out more?

If you think the Grabo might be the tool for you and would like to know more, check out the Grabo range today. You can also contact the Grabo team or find a local Grabo stockist near you.