How to safely move granite worktops with GRABO


Once granite countertops are installed, they are relatively indestructible, but granite worktops are very fragile in transit. Granite, like glass, must be transported on its side as it’s very susceptible to cracking. Unlike regular worktops, granite worktops have a very low damage tolerance. If you drop a standard worktop and damage a corner, then it’s likely that tolerance was built into the design, and you can trim off the damaged edge. On the other hand, Granite has essentially no tolerance to damage and a dropped, damaged corner means an expensive replacement is probably needed. Costing around £700 per metre square, it’s an expensive replacement cost if you do drop and break it. However, by investing in the Grabo, you can purchase your Granite slabs worry free!

Firstly you’ll need some tools & safety equipment.

- Safety Boots

- Safety Gloves(recommended)

- The Grabo


You don’t want a granite worktop landing on your feet at all, but just in case it does, then you need some good quality safety boots with steel toe caps. 

You’ll also want to consider gloves. One main reason is that gloves ease the burden of the stone digging into your palms, reducing the likelihood or at least the frequency that you’ll want to rearrange your grip and risk dropping the worktop.

While these bits of safety equipment in conjunction with the Grabo should minimise the risk of causing damage to your worktops, it’s important to remember that you should never compromise your safety. Granite worktops are expensive. You want to avoid dropping them, but if it’s a choice between your safety, losing fingers, breaking bones etc., and replacing a worktop, replace the worktop.

How To Use The Grabo:

  1. Slide the power switch at the base of the tool to turn it on. An LED light will indicate how much battery you have left, and you should ensure that it is adequately charged before beginning and lifting tasks.
  2. Position the Grabo flush against the surface of the item you want to lift. On some surfaces, particularly textured, you may want to apply some pressure initially to help create the seal.
  3. Press the green button to turn on the motor and create a tight seal against the item you're looking to lift. The seal will be made immediately, but you should leave it for 5 seconds to create the maximum seal to ensure a safe lift. You'll know when the full seal has been made once the needle on the gauge stops moving or by listening to the note of the motor. When creating the seal, the engine's note will rise and then come back down to be consistent once it has been made.
  4. Once you have lifted the item and are finished, press the red button to break the seal and release the item.

The Grabo:

The Grabo has quickly taken the construction industry by storm! Initially created to help construction and tradespeople with heavy lifting, it's fast found its place across multiple sectors, improving day-to-day job efficiency. To find out more about the Grabo, click here, or to find your closest authorised Grabo dealer, click here.

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