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GRABO is designed and built to make heavy-lifting a menial task. This aspect makes GRABO a must-have tool for Construction professionals. In a short span of time, GRABO has become a global bestseller. Many builders and construction professionals have gained tremendous efficiencies with jobs like masonry, paving, tiling, countertops installation, drywall installation, flooring and much more.

Now let us review some real-life examples where construction professionals are using GRABO effectively.

Tiles and floor panels

Flooring workers found GRABO to be the perfect tool for easy picking and precise placement of tiles and even patterned slates, of any size. Professional installer Kyle S writes, and we quote, “it (GRABO) has long-lasting holding power even after the pump is turned off. We used it on an acid-etched concrete panel, and it carried the 120-lb panel with ease with the pump running continuously (which is expected on this type of surface). They’re fairly lightweight and ergonomic, which beats the heck out of air cups with hoses and compressors attached.”

Pavers & concrete blocks

Moving large concrete blocks and outdoor pavers is a daunting task, requiring a lot of labor and man-hours. It is routine for construction workers to remove old walls, pieces of broken concrete and large blocks during landscaping, demolition and construction site preparation. GRABO has made these overwhelming chores far easier.

According to Mquip, a large family-owned construction company from Ontario Canada, GRABO had been extremely useful for their landscaping work.

Dusty glass installation

The use of thumb-action suction cups is still a norm in glass installation. However, these standard non-powered suction cups do not work at all on textured glass and are extremely unreliable when the glass is dusty. This less than reliable solution not only increases the time in movement, handling and installation but may also result in losses.

GRABO is clearly a solution to this severe issue. With suction pumps on, the GRABO tool creates constant and even suction, enabling the tool to maintain its position with no air escaping the seals via micro-channels or dust particles. Owing to this, Glass Installers are rapidly adapting to GRABO as a regular tool to secure large and expensive pieces of glass as well as safe time without pre-cleaning of the glass surface.

Outdoor paving & landscaping with a GRABO

Paving stones or pavers are thicker than ceramic tiles and often have a coarse surface. Whether the pavers are made from Brick (clay), Concrete, Bluestone, Flagstone, Marble, Travertine, Porcelain, Cobblestone, Rubber, Plastic or any such materials, they are usually more porous. Owing to this combination of heavy mass and coarse surface, traditional suction cups do not work with pavers.

GRABO is found to be effective as most types of pavers, including patterned and slightly porous materials. Karl Dahm, a leading supplier of high-end tools for paving and landscaping from Germany, has reported many professional construction companies switching to GRABO for Paving sidewalks, patios, driveways and much more. The tool provides safety, efficiency and cost controls.

GRABO is an effective solution, but each model has its limitations. Some extremely porous pavers may require special versions of GRABO made for high flow applications. It is best to consult us for specific product usage and application. The handy paver chart given below is also helpful in this regard.

Paver Chart

Drywall and wood panels

A union carpenter from the Chicago area writes: “There are many applications of work I use this for, from drywall, lumber even exterior building panels.”

GRABO is the only suction lifter in the world capable of attaching to porous building panels such as plywood, drywall and gypsum board. Using a GRABO allows workers to pick and place large bulky boards with ease – with a simple click of a button it turns on and magically grabs the board.

Using a GRABO reduces the chance of back injuries and lets workers carry the panels easily in an ergonomic and correct way. GRABO allows a single worker to instantly pick up, place and release boards even with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold a “drywall screw gun”.

Carrying the panels with GRABO is more comfortable, easier on the back and allows a single worker to do a job that often requires two.

Lumber and wood beams

Using a vacuum lifter to carry a wood beam or a board seems impossible – but GRABO’s powerful constant suction makes this a reality. A 20L/m piston action pump allows GRABO to attach to porous materials such as plywood, densified wood, fiberboard, particleboard, oriented strand board, laminated timber, laminated veneer, cross-laminated and many other types of wood panels and beams with over 200 lbs of holding force.

Woodworkers around the world choose GRABO to make their work easier and safer. GRABO helps them in avoiding annoying splinters, easy movement, increased productivity and lesser fatigue on the job site.

Textured fused undulated glass

GRABO has become an extremely popular tool for glass builders in Germany and Holland. Led by our partners Topspin international – Tens of thousands of units are now being used on construction sites for lifting and placing of patterned glass, wet or dusty glass panels and more.

Rich Lamoth endorses, “We laminate textured fused glass and have always needed a suction cup to grab the undulated surfaces. This product is the answer for these situations. Now we can grab rough surfaces with ease. This is a great tool to have.”



Tombstones are bulky and often made with materials with coarse surface. They require manual labor for handling, movement and placement. Amazingly GRABO is an ideal solution for the job.

As reported by our Japanese distributors, GRABO is being used by workers in cemeteries all around Japan. It is a great tool for moving heavy tombstones and works great even on the non-smooth stone surface.

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The Grabo is unique. A portable, battery-powered suction cup that allows you to move heavy or awkward materials with ease.
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The Mousery, Beeches Road
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The Grabo is unique. A portable, battery-powered suction cup that allows you to move heavy or awkward materials with ease.
Contact Us
The Mousery, Beeches Road
Rawreth, Wickford
Essex SS11 8GH, UK