Innovative ways to use the Grabo


The Grabo is the perfect tool to aid lifting, especially within the tiling and landscaping trades. However, there’s so much more that can be done with it, making it the ideal and must-have tool for anyone who undertakes regular, heavy lifting tasks within their day-to-day routine. 

Road Maintenance Works:

When working in road maintenance, you can be expected to install and remove heavy objects, such as kerbs and paving slabs, on a day-to-day basis. However, one job that you might forget about is the repairing and replacement of such items. Instead of smashing up a slab to make the removal a bit easier, use the Grabo to safely lift out the broken part, making the task quicker, easier, and safer for all involved.

When handling kerbstones, in particular, there’s a high risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders, or MSDs. Since kerbstones are predominantly made of concrete and weigh around 67kg each, consistent and repetitive lifting of kerbstones can damage the back. Using the Grabo to help install and remove these items can help reduce the risk of developing any MSDs. 

Household Appliances:

If you’ve never had to before, I’m sure you can imagine how tricky it is to pick up a fridge or a washing machine, no matter how much manpower you have. However, lifting household appliances with the Grabo is a breeze! Fridges, freezes, washing machines, and even some heavy wooden items such as bookcases can easily be lifted and transported in and out of properties when using the Grabo. 

A fridge-freezer can weigh anywhere between 50kg to well over 100kg. With the Grabo’s ability to lift up to 170kg and attach itself to multiple materials, it’s the perfect tool to have to hand if you’re looking to move house or just fancy a change-up in your layout. 

Window Installation:

Although the Grabo is powerful, it has been specifically designed to protect and lift the most delicate materials, including 6mm glass or thicker. By using multiple Grabo's on both sides of the windows, you will be able to confidently lift, pass over, and install windows, with fitters having a secure grip from both sides of the glass. 

Makeshift Hoist:

Sometimes, lifting with just a handle isn’t quite enough, and you need some extra support, such as a hoist. If you didn’t know, the Grabo comes with four lifting eyes for attaching to ,other mechanisms, helping you to lift heavy objects more easily..

To help combat back pain caused by repetitive, heavy lifting, the NHS has suggested using a hoist is a great option to reduce the risk. 

The Grabo:The Grabo was created to help all construction workers and tradespeople with heavy lifting to make their workday quicker, easier and more efficient. Since launching, this innovative power tool has taken the construction industry by storm and is now a must-have tool on site. To find out more about the Grabo, click here, or find your closest authorised Grabo dealer.

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