Grabo manufacturing quality and testing

Each product built by Nemo Power Tools is the result of years of great engineering, development and non-stop quality testing. This results in quality premium tools, built to last and which get the job done every time.

Grabo is manufactured in-house in Nemo Power Tools’ privately owned and operated factory, where they control the full cycle of production and quality control. No third party contractors are used anywhere in the production, assembly, testing and packing of Grabo. Each Grabo tool has its own unique serial number and is individually tested for pressure and strength before it is packed for delivery. In addition to this, a number of units of each production batch are tested until the point of destruction in our onsite testing lab.

Behind the scenes look at the Grabo assembly line

Testing videos examples:

Dust Test

Working Time Demo

Maximum Load Test

Street Test

Box Shake Test

Connectors Lifespan Test