The Great Grabo Showcase


So we’ve told you just how good we think the Grabo is, but now it’s time for you to see it for yourselves. What better way to do that than to show our customers using it in their day-to-day working routine!

From glasswork to odd-shaped tiles, right through to fridges, our customers have found some great ways to get the Grabo in action.

No Lift Is Too Big:

We’re starting strong with this installation team using Grabo's to lift this large format porcelain tile! This team managed to wind their way up this tight staircase using the Grabo’s, with no damage to the tile whatsoever!

A Little Helper:

They do say that two pairs of eyes are better than one, so what’s better than just being able to carry them around with you?

Odd Shaped Tiles? No Problem:

Laying cut tiles accurately and neatly can always be tricky, especially when they’re large format! Using the Grabo to do this means that you have complete control over the product and have a much clearer view of the area you’re laying. 

Double Grabo Lifts:

We’ve been waiting for someone to try this! The Grabo in action, lifting a fridge freezer. Not necessarily the heaviest item to lift, but a tricky one nonetheless, and the Grabo does a fantastic job of aiding lifting stability and reducing back pain.

Fitting Around Pipework Has Never Been Easier:

A usually tricky job just made so much simpler. Fitting any size tile around pipes without having to make multiple cuts or using multiple tiles is hard, but using the Grabo just makes it so much easier, as this customer demonstrates here.

The Grabo: The Grabo has quickly taken social media by storm, gaining a great, loyal customer base rapidly! Initially created to help construction and tradespeople with heavy lifting, it’s fast found its place across multiple industries, improving day-to-day job efficiency. To find out more about the Grabo, click here, or find your closest authorised Grabo dealer.

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