Paving & Landscaping

The GRABO is the perfect tool for pavers and landscapers. Lifting paving slabs and putting them in position has never been easier with the GRABO vacuum lifter. Not only does the GRABO make the slabs easier to pick up and carry, but because you can position it on top and place the slab directly down you greatly reduce the risk of catching your fingers! Easier, safer, and more efficient. The GRABO is the perfect tool for paving and landscaping.

If you want to share how useful your GRABO is with other tradespeople or manufacturing plants, please send your photos and videos to and find out how we reward you.

Using two Grabos to lift a heavy worktop

Change the way you lift

Be part of the revolution. Make heavy lifting safer and easier by grabbing yourself a GRABO.
The GRABO is not designed or intended for climbing or to support a person’s weight. Using this product for climbing or any other unintended purpose may result in injury or death.
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