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The history of suction cups & lifting

Suction cups have been around for centuries, with the first thought to have been used in 3 B.C. They've come a long way since and are now used for multiple purposes, right through from lifting to medical practices. There's a lot of science behind how they work but the suction cup has a fascinating history.  […]

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5 Ways The Grabo Can Make Work Easier

Reducing Injuries: Lifting on a construction site is practically unavoidable, and it’s always heavy items! Over 30% of construction workers will suffer from back pain from strenuous lifting at some point in their career, and this is one of the biggest causes of days off work for this industry. The Grabo is designed to help […]

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Grabo In The Wild

We’ve seen how much the Grabo has helped people out, whether it’s on-site, at home, or in some other way. Unfortunately, we can’t see everyone’s posts about it, however much we’d like to, as there’s just so many! We've gone into the depths of our social media pages and found some great examples of just […]

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The Science of Lifting Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy objects requires skill and strength, and when your job requires lifting on a regular, repetitive basis, it's something that you need to get to grips with and understand how to lift correctly.  When lifting heavy items, your body will be using a series of muscles, mainly the quadriceps, gluteal muscles, and abdominal muscles, […]

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How Does a Vacuum Lifter Work

Vacuum lifters are nothing to be overlooked, with many benefits for all sectors in the construction industry, including efficiency and reducing work-related injuries. They've recently started to become a lot more popular, and there's a good reason for it.  What is a vacuum? Thinking back to our school days now. A vacuum is a space […]

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How To Lift Paving Slabs

If you're looking at doing a spot of outdoor renovation or you're a landscaper who needs a new, efficient and safe way of lifting paving slabs, then this one's for you.  Manual Lifting Techniques:  Paving removal can be done manually, but if you’ve been in the landscaping game a while then you might be wondering […]

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How to safely move granite worktops with GRABO

Once granite countertops are installed, they are relatively indestructible, but granite worktops are very fragile in transit. Granite, like glass, must be transported on its side as it’s very susceptible to cracking. Unlike regular worktops, granite worktops have a very low damage tolerance. If you drop a standard worktop and damage a corner, then it’s […]

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Innovative ways to use the Grabo

The Grabo is the perfect tool to aid lifting, especially within the tiling and landscaping trades. However, there’s so much more that can be done with it, making it the ideal and must-have tool for anyone who undertakes regular, heavy lifting tasks within their day-to-day routine.  Road Maintenance Works: When working in road maintenance, you […]

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The Great Grabo Showcase

So we’ve told you just how good we think the Grabo is, but now it’s time for you to see it for yourselves. What better way to do that than to show our customers using it in their day-to-day working routine! From glasswork to odd-shaped tiles, right through to fridges, our customers have found some […]

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New Tools for Plasterers

Although plasterboard may not be the heaviest item to lift, the positions it needs to go in can make the job stressful and draining. In fact, in a research observation completed by the UK Government, they found that experienced carpenters rated lifting, carrying and holding plasterboard in an overhead position as the most tasking of […]

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