How Vacuum Lifting Equipment Improves Workplace Efficiency


The aim for the majority of trades is to do work as time-efficient and financially efficient as possible, and there are certain things that you can do to ensure that these terms are met. 

Vacuum lifting equipment dates way back to 3B.C., and you can read a more in-depth history in our blog about the history of  suction cups. For a brief run-down, the first suction cup was used within medicine in a practice known as cupping, which is still practiced today. Since then, they’re now being used in every kind of industry you can think of, and construction is no exception! So, just how can vacuum lifting equipment improve working efficiency in construction? Well, let’s get into it.

Reducing the risk of injury

Repetitive lifting and manual handling at work is the cause of a third of all workplace injuries accounted for, being responsible for various forms of musculoskeletal disorders. Ideally, we want to reduce that without changing the tasks that need to be done, which is where vacuum lifting equipment comes in. Vacuum lifting equipment, like the Grabo, allows for better grip and support on the material and makes it physically easier to lift, especially overhead, without having to twist your spine into awkward positions. 

Saving Money and Material Protection

Within the trades, it’s always advisable to buy a little bit more material than you need to cover yourself for any unforeseen circumstances. Still, these shouldn’t include damages from moving them on site. Using a vacuum lifting device is ideal for wood and expensive materials like marble, as natural oils from the hands won’t damage them. Also, you can protect the edges of the materials from damage as they no longer need to be handled. The Grabo can easily hold up to 170kg, so you know that your materials are in safe.

Reduced Stress 

As a vacuum lifting device can work alongside a team member, you no longer need to be concerned if you have employees off sick or injured and are unable to work. Vacuum lifting devices, like the Grabo Pro and Plus, are battery operated and can be charged on-site, or you can just pop in a spare battery if it dies, so it never needs a break or a rest. This isn’t to say that it will replace your workforce, but it’s a helping hand in getting jobs over the line. 

How can the Grabo help?

Unlike other vacuum lifting equipment, the Grabo is a portable, battery-powered suction device that replaces the suction cups formerly used to lift and move heavy materials. Traditional suction cups require a lever to create a seal, which can easily come undone, and more worryingly, without you even realising, making them almost more dangerous and overall expensive to use than just using your hands.

The motorised engine creates a tight seal to form the vacuum enabling you to lift safely. With the easy-to-use and reach buttons and the pressure dial, you can either manually add more pressure by turning the motor on, or if you’re using the Grabo Pro, you can use the auto on/off sensor. This sensor notes when the pressure drops, as shown on the pro’s digital gauge, and will automatically reapply the pressure to create a tight seal, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about dropping materials again. 

Alongside this, for help lifting more niche items, such as large rocks, narrow tiles, kerbs and even radiators, we have specific seal attachments to help with these tricky lifts, including the RockSeal and the SlenderSeal.

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