How The Grabo Helps Minimise The Risk of Damaging Materials On Site


What is The Grabo:

The Grabo is the world's first portable electric vacuum lifter and has taken the construction industry by storm, quickly becoming the most desirable tool to have on-site. Learn more about the Grabo and the Grabo Pro, and see how they can help in a range of industries.

How can the Grabo help minimise the risk of damaging materials?
As a piece of construction material handling equipment, there are several ways the Grabo can help, we’ll take a look at each one.

The biggest one first. Depending on the material, the Grabo is able to produce a much stronger grip on the material than a human can, thanks to the suction power. The electric motor creates a vacuum seal that effectively binds the device to the product. No more dropping things because of sweaty palms, wet surfaces or sore hands!

Grip Placement

Not only does the Grabo provide a much more secure grip, it also enables the user to carry the material from different places. A paving slab for example is easiest to carry by hand by holding it at the edges. But edges can dig into your hands, even with gloves on. You also need to be mindful of placing the slab down gently so as not to break the slab itself or crush your fingers! With the Grabo, you can place the device in the centre of the paving slab, allowing you to carry it more easily and lay it directly in place without worrying about dropping it or getting your fingers caught between slabs.

Weight Distribution

The Grabo doesn’t make things weigh any less, a heavy product will still be heavy. But similar to the grip placement above, the Grabo allows you to carry the material from a position you wouldn’t be able to do with your bare hands. You can even use two Grabo devices to get an even greater advantage on weight distribution and centre of gravity!

Electronic vs Manual
There are manual suction lifters available that make material handling in construction a bit easier, in fact suction lifters have been around a lot longer than you might think! You can read more about their history here. The benefit of using the Grabo is that the powerful electric motor and pressure gauge give you much more peace of mind and reliability!

Just in case a pressure gauge wasn’t enough for reassurance for you, the Grabo Pro has an automated on/off motor. The clever technology senses when the full seal is made and turns itself off, preserving battery life, but it will automatically turn the motor back on if it senses that it’s losing grip though.

Examples of the Grabo in Use
Check out some of the videos below to see some examples of how the Grabo can be used to not only make your work life easier and more efficient but also to minimise the risk of breakages!

Examples of Why You Need a Grabo
Check out some of the videos below to see some examples of why you need a Grabo on-site to reduce the risk of damaging materials when working on projects.

Contact Grabo
If you have any questions are want to know more about Grabo, you can call us on 01245 961166, email us at, or get in touch with us using our contact form.

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