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Although plasterboard may not be the heaviest item to lift, the positions it needs to go in can make the job stressful and draining. In fact, in a research observation completed by the UK Government, they found that experienced carpenters rated lifting, carrying and holding plasterboard in an overhead position as the most tasking of all jobs they needed to undertake to complete a job. As well as this, plastering tasks are one of the most hazardous in terms of the potential for musculoskeletal disorders.

There are a few ways to combat the risks of lifting plasterboard, especially when at a height. Following proper lifting techniques, including not lifting anything over 20kg, undertaking the appropriate Health & Safety training, and operating training for MEWPs are all great solutions, but now there’s a new solution.

How Can The Grabo Help?

The Grabo's strong suction offers many more options for stability, especially when climbing up ladders or onto scaffolding and stilts to install plasterboard. With the Grabo holding up to 75kg of plasterboard, you’ll have a free hand for stability when climbing up ladders, making the job much safer. Having a central location for pressure from the Grabo means that you will no longer have to over-extend or twist yourself around to ensure that it is secure in all corners. 

How To Use The Grabo:

  1. Slide the power switch at the base of the tool to turn it on. An LED light will indicate how much battery you have left, and you should ensure that it is adequately charged before beginning and lifting tasks.
  2. Position the Grabo flush against the surface of the item you want to lift. On some surfaces, particularly textured, you may want to apply some pressure initially to help create the seal.
  3. Press the green button to turn on the motor and create a tight seal against the item you’re looking to lift. The seal will be made immediately, but you should leave it for 5 seconds to create the maximum seal to ensure a safe lift. You’ll know when the full seal has been made once the needle on the gauge stops moving or by listening to the note of the motor. With materials like plasterboard, due to its porosity you will need to keep the Grabo motor running to maintain its grip on the board. 
  4. Once you have lifted the item and are finished, press the red button to break the seal and release the item.

The Grabo:

The Grabo has quickly taken the construction industry by storm! Initially created to help construction and tradespeople with heavy lifting, it’s fast found its place across multiple industries, improving day-to-day job efficiency. To find out more about the Grabo, click here, or find your closest authorised Grabo dealer.

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