Having worked with many of the UK and Ireland’s merchants, tool shops and other trade outlets for a number of years, Exordia Global was born from seeing a need to get more innovative products to market more quickly. Often, solutions exist to the day to day challenges faced by tradespeople around the world, but each new innovator is having to learn how to best market and distribute their product, perhaps without ever having done it before. We knew our experience could help fast-track these products to success whilst getting them into the hands of those whose jobs would be much more productive, safer and enjoyable.

Grabo® logo

A Brief History 

The Grabo came to our attention as a unique product with huge scope for improving the daily lives of many, through improving lifting techniques and safer manual handling of items as diverse as natural stone to kitchen appliances. The construction industry has the highest rate of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) mostly due to manual handling or working in awkward/tiring positions, and MSDs are one of the largest factors of working days lost due to work-related ill health. The Grabo had the potential to help towards addressing this, whilst also making jobs more productive – a win-win situation.

We launched the Grabo into the UK and Ireland in 2019, and within 2 years it grew to become an essential daily piece of equipment for the likes of the tiling and landscaping trades and gaining much interest and use in a wider range of applications including, façade and roofing installation, removals, manufacturing processes, offsite construction, glazing and even in the defence and utilities sectors. We continue to build awareness of the Grabo and see it go from strength to strength as it takes its place with the tools of many trades, and as the Grabo range itself is constantly added to and improved.

Change the way you lift

Be part of the revolution. Make heavy lifting safer and easier by grabbing yourself a GRABO.
The GRABO is not designed or intended for climbing or to support a person’s weight. Using this product for climbing or any other unintended purpose may result in injury or death.
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