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Welcome to The Grabo UK learning Centre where you can learn more about your Grabo product, its capabilities, and how to look after it.

Seal replacement
After using a Grabo for an extended period of time, the seal may become well-used and ready for a change. Luckily, we have got you covered. The seal replacements we offer for Grabo's allow you to change the seals with ease in under 30 seconds.
How to register your Grabo
Registering your Grabo is quick and easy. It takes less than five minutes to register your product, and taking just five minutes of your time can help save your time and money and improve your satisfaction with your Grabo.
Grabo lifting abilities
The Grabo can lift a wide range of different materials and an awe-inspiring amount of weight. Grabo's can lift just about any material you could think of; wood, stone, glass, laminated cardboard — you name it, the Grabo can lift it.
Grabo warranty explained
We want you to be completely satisfied when you purchase a product from us, and we go the extra mile to make this a reality. We offer excellent customer service that is available to contact around the clock, as well as a warranty policy that is unmatched.
How to use Grabo
The technology used to make the Grabo is extraordinarily innovative and uses complex calculations,  the Grabo has been designed to be exceptionally straightforward and easy to use.
How to replace a filter on your Grabo
Other vacuum lifters often require a little more mechanical know-how and experience in order to change a filter and it can often be a considerable annoyance to do, but it's quick and easy to do with the Grabo.

Change the way you lift

Be part of the revolution. Make heavy lifting safer and easier by grabbing yourself a GRABO.
The GRABO is not designed or intended for climbing or to support a person’s weight. Using this product for climbing or any other unintended purpose may result in injury or death.
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