How To Lift Paving Slabs


If you're looking at doing a spot of outdoor renovation or you're a landscaper who needs a new, efficient and safe way of lifting paving slabs, then this one's for you. 

Manual Lifting Techniques: 

Paving removal can be done manually, but if you’ve been in the landscaping game a while then you might be wondering if there are better alternatives. General construction work of all kinds, by nature, involves plenty of lifting and carrying, meaning that you can be at risk of injury. This is due to the high chance of heavy materials, supporting loads in awkward positions, carrying heavy loads on uneven grounds, and more often than not having to repeat these same tasks multiple times. 

So, what can you do to prevent this when lifting heavy items, such as paving slabs? Introducing the Grabo, a portable electric vacuum lifter. 

Lifting paving slabs with the Grabo: 

The Grabo can lift porous and non-porous material, so it's the ideal solution for landscaping tasks. Follow these few simple steps to lift and place your paving slabs with ease.

  1. Ensure your Grabo battery is fully charged. 
  2. Secure your Grabo onto your paving slab by turning on the green button. When you hear a change of note in the motor, that's when you'll know it's ready. When using the Grabo Pro, the motor will automatically turn off when the suction has reached the correct level and automatically turn back on if the pressure is dropping. 
  3. Lift your paving slab with the Grabo securely attached to the material, and place it down in the desired place. Release the Grabo by pressing the red button. 
  4. If you've put the slab in the wrong place, repeat steps 1-3 to readjust your placement. 

The Grabo:

The Grabo is the world's first portable electric vacuum lifter and has taken the landscaping and construction industry by storm, quickly becoming the most desirable tool to have on-site. Learn more about the Grabo and the Grabo Pro, and see how they can help your daily working life

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