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What can you lift with a Grabo?

Published on 15/06/2023James Lewis

The Grabo boasts exceptional versatility and can lift a wide range of heavy materials and objects up to 170kg. While the following examples highlight some common applications, there are countless innovative ways to utilise a Grabo.

  • Lifting and placing paving slabs: The Grabo provides a cleaner and more efficient alternative to manual placement, minimising repetitive injuries and the risk of accidents.
  • Placing large format tiles: Bathroom and kitchen installations benefit from the Grabo, ensuring accurate ceramic and porcelain tile placement while reducing the strain associated with repetitive tasks.
  • Lifting plasterboard and drywall: Although not excessively heavy, the large surface area of plasterboard can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. The Grabo allows for more comfortable handling, particularly when working on ladders or scaffolding.
  • Installing marble and granite kitchen worktops: Safely transporting and lifting heavy surfaces like granite worktops minimises the risk of damage, a crucial consideration given their cost and susceptibility to transit-related breakages.
  • Lifting rough slate and concrete: Surprisingly, the Grabo can even handle lifting concrete, including rough slate and dusty materials, simplifying otherwise challenging tasks.
  • Placing wood flooring: The Grabo excels at lifting and placing solid wood and semi-porous wood, including trims and challenging shapes. The Grabo Slender Seal attachment aids in lifting thinner, longer materials.
  • Lifting metal sheets: Ideal for moving large or heavy metal pieces including patterned steel. The Grabo Rock Seal attachment further extends its capability to handle uneven materials with variations up to 10mm.
  • Glass panes over 6mm thick: Grabo effortlessly lifts and handles various glass types. For thinner glass under 6mm use the Brace Seal attachment or the Ottovac by Grabo powered suction cup offers a suitable alternative.
  • Moving large appliances: The Grabo provides a secure handle for appliances like washing machines and fridge freezers, making the otherwise cumbersome and finger-crushing task of moving these much easier and safer.
  • Moving furniture: Attaching Grabo to a chest of drawers or a TV cabinet provides an additional handhold, enabling a more secure and ergonomic lifting position. This reduces the risk of accidents, such as tripping or muscle strains.

 What can’t you lift with a Grabo?

While Grabo excels in most things, there are a few limitations to keep in mind.

  • Glass thinner than 6mm: Grabo's vacuum suction may cause cracking in glass sheets thinner than 6mm. However, this can be overcome by using the Brace Seal attachment or using the Ottovac by Grabo Suction Cup.
  • Very porous materials like untreated MDF and certain other materials such as Cinder Blocks, Pegboards, and Dry cast Pavers.
  • The Grabo is limited to materials of 170kg or less, which is still 147kg more than the weight suggested you can safely lift manually by the HSE manual handling assessment charts.
  • Particularly uneven surfaces: The Grabo can lift even rough and uneven materials with up to a 10mm variance using the Grabo RockSeal attachment, but for extremely uneven surfaces, the Grabo may struggle to create a proper vacuum suction hold and not be able to stay attached to the material/object.

Where can I find out more?

If you think the Grabo might be the tool for you and would like to know more, check out the Grabo range today. You can also contact the Grabo team or find a local Grabo stockist near you.

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The Grabo is unique. A portable, battery-powered suction cup that allows you to move heavy or awkward materials with ease.
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The Mousery, Beeches Road
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The Grabo is unique. A portable, battery-powered suction cup that allows you to move heavy or awkward materials with ease.
Contact Us
The Mousery, Beeches Road
Rawreth, Wickford
Essex SS11 8GH, UK