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Grabo Plus

The original GRABO Plus has transformed manual handling, enhancing safety and efficiency in lifting awkward objects and materials. With the same lifting capacity as the GRABO Pro, it features a manual gauge for pressure control.

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Unique tool that lifts up to 170KG
Effective vacuum lifter even for dusty, semi-porous or rough surfaces.
Manual On/Off button
Classic 45mm diameter handle
1.5 Hour non-stop running time

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About Product

The Grabo Plus is the original hand-held, battery-powered vacuum lifter. Using patented technology it revolutionizes the handling of various materials such as tiles, stone, concrete, drywall, plywood, windows, and furniture. The Grabo is versatile, allowing for material handling of glass, sheet metal, windows, doors, hardwood products, timber, beams, plastic sheets, tiles, rough concrete, plasterboard, and even household appliances and furniture.

The Grabo Plus offers immense benefits to individuals involved in lifting and moving heavy objects. Whether it's pavers working with heavy stones, tilers seeking precision placement, or removal companies dealing with awkward furniture, the Grabo allows you to put a handle on almost anything! The original Grabo Plus offers manual controls but matches the 170kg lifting capacity of the Grabo Pro.

The Grabo Plus reduces the risk of strain and injury associated with manual lifting of heavy objects. It allows for a more controlled and ergonomic handling of materials, minimizing the potential for accidents or musculoskeletal issues. By reducing the physical strain on workers and providing a secure grip on materials, the Grabo Plus Tool promotes a safer working environment.

The Grabo Plus comes fully equipped with a tough Zipped Carry Case, Standard Seal, Battery, and Charger.

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Model/SKUGRABO Plus 20 / GRAB300
Battery14.8VDC 2600mAh Li-ion
Rated Power16W
Charger Input Voltage100-240VAC 50/60Hz(Not Included) approx. 1500 on/off cycles
Battery Charging Time~2hrs
Non-Stop Running Time (Full Charge)1.5hrs
Running Cycles (On Full Charge)900 ON-OFF cycles of 10 seconds
Stand-by Mode (Charge Hold)30 days
Maximum Vacuum Rate:-0.7 bar (-70 kPA)
Pump Service Life100000+ ON-OFF cycles / 800+ hrs continuous
Rated Air Flow0.7cfm (20 L/min)
Maximum Vacuum Rate11.6Psi (0.8 Bar, 80 kPa)
Maximum Lifting Capacity170 kg (375Lbs)
L x W x H300 x 184 x 121 mm (11.77 x 7.22 x 4.76”)
Net Weight (With Battery)1.5 kg (3.2Lbs)
Working Temperature0°~60 °C (32°F~140°F)
Applicable Surface TypePeak/valley heights less than 3mm (0.1”), arc less than 5°
Additional FeaturesPump stops automatically at maximum vacuum
rate ( 11.6Psi / 0.8 Bar )
Download SpecificationsDownload Manual

Our products come with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty* from the date of purchase. By registering your GRABO, you can extend the warranty to 18 months. To view full warranty details click here.


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The Grabo is unique. A portable, battery-powered suction cup that allows you to move heavy or awkward materials with ease.
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The Mousery, Beeches Road
Rawreth, Wickford
Essex SS11 8GH, UK
The Grabo is unique. A portable, battery-powered suction cup that allows you to move heavy or awkward materials with ease.
Contact Us
The Mousery, Beeches Road
Rawreth, Wickford
Essex SS11 8GH, UK